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ALFA Educational Society has been working in the Kherwara Block since its inception in 2006. The block is comprised of largely tribal people with Hindu and Muslim communities also well represented. The economy centers around farming and labor activities. Educational attainment, especially for females, is low. Given that those who populate the area are highly disparate both ideologically and spatially, conflict within and between communities is common. Moreover, in recent years the area has witnessed mass migration of its youth to nearby cities in an attempt to escape a life of working in the field. Motivated by these factors, ALFA aims to work on tackling the abovementioned issues through its work with youth and child development, women's empowerment, and communal harmony issues with a purely community centered and human-rights based view of development.

ALFA's program of activities aims to broaden the minds and potential of all Kherwara citizens through activities such as: film screenings and discussions, workshops, trainings and sporting events. These activities take place in a common or 'fifth' space in which every individuals thoughts and opinions can be discussed in a safe environment with no judgment. It is thought that in creating a setting in which people can come together with no thought of caste or religious exclusion, courage in the community will be fostered, empowering people to form their own ideas and act on them.

ALFA believes that it is crucial to recognize the youth as autonomous change agents who have the energy, passion and creativity to make a difference to society. It is thought that through educating and empowering the young, they will gain the potential to change not just their lives and the lives of other youth, but to empower and encourage the same education on their mothers, their younger brothers and sisters, and the entirety of their community.

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March 2020

Help Our School Look Like One
"Tumhari class ye he vo nahi idhar dhyan do" (Concentrate here, that class is not yours, this is) - Munish Khan, a teacher in Village Spirit Academy, Karawada, Rajasthan. Children from several nearby villages come to our school in the hope of getting a quality education. As the people living here mostly do farming and labor work, due to which they aren't able to take proper care of the education of their children. The students in these ...

March 2020

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November 2013

Going on Seven month long MY SPACE:
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