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Education is a human right. Every person can have the access to education. But the situation of education in rural areas is bizarre. Some villages don't have schools; some have schools but no student is enrolled; some have school and students but the teachers are absent most of the times; and some have schools, students and teachers but lack the infrastructure and basic facilities.
ALFA opened its own school to fill the gap in providing quality education to rural children. The school, Village Spirit Academy, has been established in Karawara village of Kherwara block, Udaipur on 1st July, 2016 to bring quality education to every child in the village.


To develop analytical, critical and rational minds by encouraging curiosity and promoting a love of learning and pride in themselves and the community.


To promote holistic knowledge through the development of practical skills, with a deep emphasis on social, ethical, cultural and environmental implications.

  The school was run in a rented house for 1 year which was a small place, thus killing the vision of learning by doing.
  The old school had Small space restricting mobility of teachers as well as students. 3 classrooms for 5 grades Lack of open space to play and experiment
  This called for an urgent need to build a school for these kids which has enough space for the children to learn and explore as they wish.


What followed next…

Nov ’16- Crowd funding on Ketto
Jan ’17- Seed of green school sowed
Feb ’17- Architects ready to help voluntarily
April ’17- Finally the moment arrived!
June ’17- Beautiful structure was erected confronting many challenges

So finally, we have our own school made with vernacular architecture using adobe structure. It is a building which is energy efficient and environment friendly instilling the core values of education among the children.

This makes our school different:

Wide space for practical and environmental learning
  Volunteers from around the world will come here to – teach kids, develop curriculum, build capacity of teachers, etc.
Children leave the school building to learn directly in the community context every week
Curriculum molded into thriving curiosity and critical approach among the kids
  Engaging with local knowledge indigenous practices in the local area and relating these to school knowledge wherever possible
  Being sensitive to the issues of “equality” in classroom transactions as well as stereotypes and discrimination
Developing and keeping imagination and fantasy alive
Learning through storytelling, puzzles, arts, films, etc.
Shift from rote learning method
Ensure holistic development of kids

"We welcome you to visit, contribute or help us in maintaining the school up to our vision."

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November 2013

Going on Seven month long MY SPACE:

November 2013

Going on Seven month long MY SPACE:
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